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0000401: obex-data-server crashes after BT transmission is finished
I'm using obex-data-server invoked by kbluetooth to transfer data to my mobile. unfortunately, everytime I try to transfer a file, after transmission is finished, obex-data-server crashes. Here is a part from dmesg:

obex-data-serve[8803]: segfault at c ip 0805feef sp bfde3480 error 4 in obex-data-server[8048000+1f000]
obex-data-serve[10198]: segfault at 14 ip 0805fef2 sp bf904df0 error 4 in obex-data-server[8048000+1f000]
obex-data-serve[10377]: segfault at 1d8 ip b784a246 sp bfc4fb60 error 4 in[b7825000+36000]
obex-data-serve[10395]: segfault at c ip 0805feef sp bf93a060 error 4 in obex-data-server[8048000+1f000]
obex-data-serve[10510]: segfault at c ip 0805feef sp bfec1790 error 4 in obex-data-server (deleted)[8048000+1f000]
obex-data-serve[10553]: segfault at f0 ip b7780246 sp bf9c1990 error 4 in[b775b000+36000]
obex-data-serve[10690]: segfault at c ip 0805feef sp bfd7e4c0 error 4 in obex-data-server[8048000+1f000]
obex-data-serve[10711]: segfault at 3f40 ip b7819246 sp bfc6fda0 error 4 in[b77f4000+36000]
obex-data-serve[10888]: segfault at c ip 0805feef sp bffc74b0 error 4 in obex-data-server[8048000+1f000]

and obex-data-server dies. In an attachment you can find a strace from one of such executions. I can reproduce it every time. I don't think it is a kbluetooth problem, therefore I'm reporting it here. If you are sure it's just the other way, I'll report it to the KDE team.
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2010-03-16 03:55   
Please get the newest obex-data-server from svn (svn:// [^] and get some proper debugging info (detailed info at [^]
Peri Noid   
2010-03-16 10:19   
OK. Seems to work fine on svn version. Status should be changed to resolved.