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0000766: can't copy a file too big to smartphone
 Mandriva 2010.2 32 bit
kde 4.8.4
bluedevil 1.2.3
openobex 1.6
obexftp 0.23
obex-data-server 0.4.6

with kernel 3.1.6 no pb

with kernel 32.x and 34.x (i tested many of them)

i can :
- copy a file from smartphone
- delete in smartphone
- browse smartphone directories tree
- i can copy a little file 30 KB
but if i want to copy a 1,5 MB file
the dolphin contents of E: becomes empty
no notification or a notification but progress bar does not progress

i must restart obexftp service in kde settings according to access again to smartphone

i updated obex_data_server to 0.4.6 but no progress

i updated openobex to 1.6 but no progress

i found this error just when copying in error log of daemon log :
kernel: [ 834.367909] obex-data-serve[8608]: segfault at 0 ip b74073e5 sp bfe02438 error 4 in[b7394000+14b000]
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2012-09-08 10:41   
in other experiment i can't copy any file.

in other experiment with glibc 2.13. same pb : i can't copy any file

i assume there is some inconsistency between a part of the kernel >= 3.2 and ods