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0000584 [obex-data-server] FTP авария всегда 2011-02-09 01:03 2011-02-14 00:22
Инициатор afiestas Видимость общая  
Ответственный skirsdeda
Приоритет обычный Решение решен  
Состояние отработан   Версия продукта 0.4.5
Суть 0000584: Crash when trying to CMD_GET because obex_context->type is null
Подробности Hi there

While implementing obexftp support in BlueDevil using obex-data-server I've noticed a crash which at least in my two environments is always reproducible and it happens just by trying to get a file, for example by executing:

obexftp -b 00:00:00:00:00:00 -g foo.txt

The bt is attached.

I've found the source of the crash, it happens at line 1028 of ods-obex.c because obex_context is assumed to exist but it is null, so when trying to use strcmp it crashes.

Even though that is the source of the crash, something else is wrong since obex_context->local is null too, so even if we patch the obex_context->type checking the function will end with a -1.

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Вложенные файлы txt file icon crash.txt [^] (1,618 bytes) 2011-02-09 01:03
txt file icon debug.txt [^] (3,644 bytes) 2011-02-09 01:04