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0000073 [obex-data-server] General большая неприменима 2008-05-09 17:07 2008-10-17 19:59
Инициатор cktakahasi Видимость общая  
Ответственный skirsdeda
Приоритет обычный Решение решен  
Состояние закрыт   Версия продукта 0.3.1
Суть 0000073: Use BlueZ 4.0 API
Подробности BlueZ D-Bus API 3.X are going to be deprecated. ODS needs to be converted to the new API.
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Вложенные файлы ? file icon new_api.patch [^] (1,237 bytes) 2008-07-02 18:17
? file icon ods_bluez4_api.patch [^] (1,990 bytes) 2008-07-06 01:23

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heston_james (инициатор)
2008-05-12 15:48

This is definitily something which needs to be looked at, I wonder when though. Do we have any idea when a stable release of BlueZ using this new API is due for public release? I dont think we need worry untill then.

At the moment I use the old API for other applications and wouldnt be upgrading my distribution untill I could be sure it was stable.

skirsdeda (администратор)
2008-06-28 21:17

I am gonna do a compile-time option for bluez 4.x API.
heston_james (инициатор)
2008-06-29 12:57

Thats a very nice idea Skirs I appreciate that it'll make life a little trickier from a code standpoint, but for the moment I think a large majority will still likely use whatever version of bluez is in the stable apt repositoties.

Good man,

manuel (инициатор)
2008-07-02 18:17

This patch works the same way bluez does.

In bluez to enable the 4.0 API you need to tell hcid to use it by passing -x to it.

Well this patch does exactly the same, and shares a function to all the rest of the code that lets it know which API should be used.

Manuel Naranjo
manuel at aircable dot net
skirsdeda (администратор)
2008-07-04 01:45

It's wrong to have ods_use_new_bluez_api() defined in ods-common.h and implemented in ods-main.c. header and implementation files must match. The correct way would be to have a variable and two functions (set/get) defined in ods-common.c, then from ods-main.c you would call set function and use get function everywhere else.
manuel (инициатор)
2008-07-06 01:22

Mhh that makes sense, updated patch.

I also added short commands versions for no-daemon and system-bus.

Does it make any sense to provide a method that allows to know the API been used from the dbus client side?
skirsdeda (администратор)
2008-07-10 15:24

This patch has to include actual changes to bluez.c (SDP record searching) to use 4.x API.
manuel (инициатор)
2008-07-13 23:39

Actually the old api is still available even though if the new one is registered. So there's no fear it will break anything, and we can do this stuff more slowly.

But we need an option in runtime to tell if we're using or not the new api so we can use this new features.

Anyway BlueZ 4.0 will not start to be really developed any time soon, so there's no rush, I don't think you should mark this really needed for 0.4
heston_james (инициатор)
2008-08-04 18:02


Just to enhance on your idea:

"But we need an option in runtime to tell if we're using or not the new api so we can use this new features."

This would be a nice idea, I would like to see another method on the manager object perhaps like GetVersion() which returns the version number for ODS which is being used, these things can sometimes come in handy for logging on our higher level apps.

skirsdeda (администратор)
2008-09-23 18:36

Fixed in svn rev 1950

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